It’s all over….


..goodbye 2017.  Soon to be hello to a much less “run all the events” focused 2018.

If I don’t write again before then, happy holidays and happy new year.

2018 Race Schedule


2018 is fast nearing, and the only thing I do know is that I will be running far fewer “races”.

I learned in 2017 that I am not a hot weather “racer”.  Why is it I keep putting “race” in quotes?  Because there is a difference between running and racing…..

Wife meets blog…


Well hello there, I’m Dan’s wife Nikki. I’m going to once in a while pop in and say a few words, mostly probably to complain about something that happened during training, or to ask for some advice. I’m super new to blogging, almost as new to it as running, so I expect about a million stumbles (although-knock on wood- haven’t physically stumbled during a run yet) but am going to try and keep it honest here.

Churchill’s Half Marathon Recap


We picked up a new post-race tradition at some point this year.  Pizza Cat is probably one of the oddest businesses around, but dang, the pizza is delicious.  We’ll get to that in a bit, but first, Churchill’s Half Marathon 50th anniversary!