Boy Scout 13.1 Training – Week 7 Recap


3 weeks left until the Boy Scout Half Marathon!  I’ve started to incorporate more pushups and planks into my routines after running.  I know a strong core is essential to running.  One day I’ll get better at managing all the aspects of being an “efficient” athlete.

  • Monday – Spin 10 miles, resisted squats (up to 240lbs), kettlebell shoulder presses.
  • Tuesday – Track Tuesday 3.6 miles overall (2 x 800m, 2 x 400m).
  • Wednesday – 2.2 mile recovery jog.
  • Thursday – 5K Tempo (9:57 min/mi overall).
  • Friday – Off.
  • Saturday – 5 miles (9:44 min/mi).
  • Sunday – 10 miles (10:08 min/mi).

24 running miles for the week.  Seems so incredibly low when you read all these blogs for people who are training for Marathons.  But, I’m still only half crazy so lower mileage it is!

Sylvania SuperKids Tri/Du, Run & Splash-N-Dash Recap!


You really could not have asked for a nicer day for the Sylvania SuperKids Tri/Du this past Saturday.  The weather was perfect (as can be seen by the image above)!  Over 160 kids made their way to Olander Park in Sylvania for the start.

As it was all of our first times volunteering for an event, we thought it was appropriate to make signs to cheer to kids on.  I decided on the text for this one, but Nikki painted the sign and Abby modeled it for me!

Boy Scout 13.1 Training – Week 6 Recap


More than halfway thru this cycle.  Boyscout’s half if less than 4 weeks away!

  • Monday – F3 @ Northview hill.  Tennis for 2.5 hours.
  • Tuesday – 3 x 1600m (9:48 min/mi) w/ bonus 400m (8:16 min/mi)
  • Wednesday – 5K @ 10:02 min/mile
  • Thursday – Tempo 50 Min, 4.75 miles at 10:43 min/mi (failed!)
  • Friday – Off.
  • Saturday – 5K @ 10:18 min/mile.  Family Tennis for 1.5 hours.
  • Sunday – 8 miles at 10:46 min/mi.

Including Northview’s 2ish miles broke 26 miles for the week, which makes it a good week.  Feeling a bit exhausted as the intensity and frequency of exercise increases.  Cut my long run on Sunday short  by 1-2 miles because my hips weren’t feeling it.  Figured it was better to not push thru it and this point and injure myself.

I have 2-3 other posts I want to write up so I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  Have a good one!

Sylvania SuperKids Tri/Du, Run & Splash-N-Dash


I started running to lose weight in order to make sure I saw Abby’s graduation, because the path I was headed down wasn’t going to make that easy.  Nikki and I now try to make sure we include Abby in runs when we can, along with other forms of activities.

RunToledo is hosting the annual Sylvania SuperKids Triathlon and Dualthon this weekend at Olander Park!  Abby is too young (except for the Fun Run) to participate, however next year with some more bicycle work, I think she could participate and have a blast!

The annual Sylvania SuperKids Triathlon and Duathlon is one of the oldest kid’s trip/du in the country. It takes place at beautiful Olander Park in Sylvaina, Ohio.